Wednesday, September 28, 2011

hello guys

is been a long time since last time i updated this blog , i'm sorry , a bot busy lately , so yeah , no time to blogging , hihi

so as what i said on my previous post , i'm in love , and now i'm still in love , with the same person , he's ask the question like a month ago , asking if he can be my boyfriend ,but i'm not yet answer the question , i feel bad actually for not answering his question , but i think he knows the answer for his question , haha

were not officially dating actually , since i didn't answer his question yet , just a couple times going out together , and a little bit of love words , haha ,

but i can't see him everyday , since we are so busy together , he with his work and i'm with my class , :( , but he will make at least a little effort to come and see me at night , and thats what i loooove about him ,even though he's busy seeing his friend or whatever , he will try to find time to see me :))

and smalam , aku cakap kat classmate aku ,which is persons yang dulu2 ade tyme aku sorang2 , persons that knows everything , i mean EVERYTHING about me ,persons yang selalu bagi semangat kat aku tyme aku down dulu , that i have a boyfriend , and yeahh , they all were soooo happy for me , , yelahh , brape lame diorang tunggu nak tgok aku ade boyprengg kan ? haha

so far so good , alhamdulillah , thank Allah , skang aku cume boleh berharap je yang hubungan ni kekal , even aku ade prasaan yang tak brape nak sedap kadang2 , haihh ,

so maybe i'll show his face on the next entry , tapi tunggu la tah bile nak rajen update lagi :))

till then people :))

xoxo , farah wahidah <3

p/s : awak , sy rindu awak :(