Wednesday, March 21, 2012

sincerely , i dont know what to write anymore on this blog , since i have no laptop , and i dont have much time to write anything .besides , i dont have anything to write about .

okay actually there is something , hurmm , :)

1. i'm officially single . he doesn't want me anymore , so yeah , we're done . and i'm okay i guess :) officially not on my last sem , because of some misunderstanding that i cannot say here , sorry . but i promise i'll try harder next sem . #cross finger :)

3. i am hoping that someday i will find someone new and love me for who i am . seriously :")

4. now i'm on my final exam mode , so i wont be blogging much , since i am so lazy to update my blog anymore , as u can see , i didn't remove my old bestfriend picture on thw wall , not because i still love her , its because i am so lazy to do it . :)

5. for u, my old friend , that once , once i loved , thanx for everything , thank you so much , for everything that u've done , for the assignment making , for the laughing time together , for the karaoke time together ,fo everything we've been doing together .thank you so much :)

6. i think that's all . thank you fro reading :)

p/s : asal bnyak sgt thnx harini ? -.-''

xoxo ; farah wahidah

Sunday, February 5, 2012

well hello there people :)

Hello there blogger ,its been a while since I post my last entry ,I'm so sorry :)

Here's little update about me :)

1.I don't have a boyfriend ,our relationship is more than a friend ,but were not an item ,we've never had a declaration .

2.I'm in my last sem at unisel ,yeay ! Insyaallah ,if Allah wills it :)

3.I have a new roommate :)my old roommate ,which is the one u can see on my blog has moved to another room .

4.I'm moving to another house ,thanx Allah we've found a new house :)

5.I've lost one of my bestfriend ,which she actually admit that all this while she's pretending to be my friend .she doesn't like me ,and she's ashamed of me . Thanx Allah she's has a guts to admit that ,so that now she doesn't have to pretending any more .I'm blessed to have a friend with that personality .

6.I've lost my laptop ,someone stole it ,I am so sad ,but who knows ?maybe something good will happen ?Insyaallah :)

I think that's all ,since there's nothing much to write :(

P/s : I want to be ur sweetest hello and ur hardest goodbye . :')

And oh oh ,I do not google translate all this ,I actually can write english ,not like u :))))

xoxo,farah wahidah

i hate u :)

I don't know what feelings left for u sayang ,

I love u ,but in the same time I hate u too ,

I don't know what's wrong with us ,

I miss u ,the old u ,and the old us ,

I thought I'll be happy with u ,but my feelings are wrong ,

I wish we can get through this together sayang .

I always want u to be mine forever :').

xoxo ,farah wahidah

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

sunyinye kau blog , sorila aku skang ni dah malas nak update blog , sebab bz skitlaa , lagipun laptop aku kan rosak aritu .

tapi skang dah betul , alhamdulillah , :))

tapi still malas nak update apa apa , sorry sgt2 . :(

later2 la aku update eh eh :))

xoxo, farah wahidah :)

p/s : i'm giving up on u sayang :'(

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

hello guys

is been a long time since last time i updated this blog , i'm sorry , a bot busy lately , so yeah , no time to blogging , hihi

so as what i said on my previous post , i'm in love , and now i'm still in love , with the same person , he's ask the question like a month ago , asking if he can be my boyfriend ,but i'm not yet answer the question , i feel bad actually for not answering his question , but i think he knows the answer for his question , haha

were not officially dating actually , since i didn't answer his question yet , just a couple times going out together , and a little bit of love words , haha ,

but i can't see him everyday , since we are so busy together , he with his work and i'm with my class , :( , but he will make at least a little effort to come and see me at night , and thats what i loooove about him ,even though he's busy seeing his friend or whatever , he will try to find time to see me :))

and smalam , aku cakap kat classmate aku ,which is persons yang dulu2 ade tyme aku sorang2 , persons that knows everything , i mean EVERYTHING about me ,persons yang selalu bagi semangat kat aku tyme aku down dulu , that i have a boyfriend , and yeahh , they all were soooo happy for me , , yelahh , brape lame diorang tunggu nak tgok aku ade boyprengg kan ? haha

so far so good , alhamdulillah , thank Allah , skang aku cume boleh berharap je yang hubungan ni kekal , even aku ade prasaan yang tak brape nak sedap kadang2 , haihh ,

so maybe i'll show his face on the next entry , tapi tunggu la tah bile nak rajen update lagi :))

till then people :))

xoxo , farah wahidah <3

p/s : awak , sy rindu awak :(

Monday, August 22, 2011

i'm in looovee

hello there people, dah lame tak buat entry baru , since i'm not addictive to blogger anymore ,not that i hate blogger , but i nearly cant find time to write a new post , i 've been busy rebloging on tumblr , haha , sorry blogger , i've cheated on u :p

so back to the title , i'm in lovee , this time with other man , which is tis time , he's approching me first , he said that he likes me , so yeahh , whatever kan ? accept je lah , tapi ,kena ade TAPI , kitorang baru je kenal , but as i am , aku ni senang baik dgn orng , and peramah , and comel (people said) , so maybe thats why he likes me , haha

tapi sebenarnye aku mmg suke dye pun , sebab tu when he said he likes me , my heart like woaaaa ! ,yess yess ! haha , tapi tapi , kena tgok dulu keadaan cmne , sebab baru baru je lagi kann , takut pulak nanti lain pulak jadi , haha

so yeah , if aku dah berpunya nanti , i'll tell u guys okeh ! :)

till then :)

xoxo,farah wahidah

Monday, August 15, 2011

u know what ?

i don't hate you , i hate your selfish arrogant attitude .

get a life , bitches :)

xoxo,farah wahidah :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

300th post ! yeay !

haha , baru prasan dah 300 entry aku kat blog ni , haha , so happy 300th post beayr ! :DD

so onto next topic , besok , which is a couple more hours jee , dah start puase , so yeahh , slamat berpuasa :) tahun ni harap harap la dapat penuh :)

so next topic ,tadi keluar berjalan jalan ,haha , ingakan nak pergi sunwayy , tapi aku bercadang nak beli -bogel menuju tuhan- by abg zahiril adzim , so yeahh , subang parade je ade mph , pegi subang parade je ahh en en ,tapi sedih gilaa , sebab buku tu kat mph sane missing , tah pape , abang tu kate ape tah msalah , dah seminggu da buku tu hilang , habis kecewa dah doe -__- .

and the best part is , we went to see gha ! yeay ! , she look so cutee , n the funny part is when she asked ,"korang park kereta kat mane?" and were like , "kitorang naik tren la gha" , haha , so mmg tkleh balik lmbat ke ape , sebab gha awal awal lagi dah suruh kitorang balik llmbt sebab nk ajak lepak , and were like , next time laa , tggu ade trnsport sndiri , haha :DD

so heard a story about that girl again , eh , cite pasal dye mmg takkan penah habis doe , report polis pasal entry kat blog ? what are u ? like kindergarten age ? dah macam kanak kanak da kau doe , booo !

ehh , spoil mood doe bile ingat pasal kau , aku dah pndang kau kecik besar kecik besar je weh , tggu masa , balasan Allah sentiasa ade , dgar dgar skarang Allah bayar cash je , wait and see :)

soo nyte everybody , eh its 4 am ,so morning everyone , slamt berpuasa again , take care ,lot of love <3

xoxo,farah wahidah :)