Thursday, July 28, 2011

update update :)

soo new sem come up , now i'm in seventh sem , hopefully this sem would be so much much better than my past past sem ,

meeting new fren , left old fren , being left by bestfren , its all just an experience y=u have to deal in life , thnx Allah i've found the fren that for me , for now , this is the best , i'm not saying i'm not thnxful of what i had in the past ,jusy saying that i'm more thnxful of my life now , alhamdulillah :)

so i have a new rumate this sem , her name is aiza zaleha , shes pretty and kind too , thnx Allah i got a rumate , haha , because my previous rumate moved to another room , so if i hadnt her as my rumate , i will ne alone in my big master bedroom , ahaha , soo , she is a unisel student too , taking degree in human resources ,and also 22 years old , haha , a sister to me lahh , :)

and i am still dont have a boyfriend , haha , and he , the one that i once loved , remove me from his facebook , i dont know why , but my guessing is he doesn't want to see my profile anymore on his news feed , so ok fine , i"ll deal with it , more over , i am far beyond loving him now , :)

and i am actually liking someone right now , hes so cute and kind too , and i actually don't really know what are in him that i like the most , maybe his smile :) oh i love his smile , and actually i think he knows about my feeling toward him , but i decide not to ask him about him ,because i am sooo not make a same mistake again ,pray me ,will ya ? :)

and i am starting work again !yeay ! haha , thnx Allah for thhis work ,i found a couple of new friend , a couple of cute guys , haha , and i am supporting myself , alhamdulillah :)

and a great news , my sister , i mean my twin sister got an offer to uitm shah alam , alhamdulillah , and she is very happy about it it , since she finnaly got a chance to live outside of the house , good for her :) but she should rethink the thought that if she studying at uitm , she have all the joy that she think off , she know what i'm saying is ture , but she deny it , whatever , i AM STILL HER SISTER ,

so maybe thats it , sorry for the long post :)

xoxo,farah wahidah :)

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