Sunday, February 5, 2012

well hello there people :)

Hello there blogger ,its been a while since I post my last entry ,I'm so sorry :)

Here's little update about me :)

1.I don't have a boyfriend ,our relationship is more than a friend ,but were not an item ,we've never had a declaration .

2.I'm in my last sem at unisel ,yeay ! Insyaallah ,if Allah wills it :)

3.I have a new roommate :)my old roommate ,which is the one u can see on my blog has moved to another room .

4.I'm moving to another house ,thanx Allah we've found a new house :)

5.I've lost one of my bestfriend ,which she actually admit that all this while she's pretending to be my friend .she doesn't like me ,and she's ashamed of me . Thanx Allah she's has a guts to admit that ,so that now she doesn't have to pretending any more .I'm blessed to have a friend with that personality .

6.I've lost my laptop ,someone stole it ,I am so sad ,but who knows ?maybe something good will happen ?Insyaallah :)

I think that's all ,since there's nothing much to write :(

P/s : I want to be ur sweetest hello and ur hardest goodbye . :')

And oh oh ,I do not google translate all this ,I actually can write english ,not like u :))))

xoxo,farah wahidah

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