Wednesday, March 21, 2012

sincerely , i dont know what to write anymore on this blog , since i have no laptop , and i dont have much time to write anything .besides , i dont have anything to write about .

okay actually there is something , hurmm , :)

1. i'm officially single . he doesn't want me anymore , so yeah , we're done . and i'm okay i guess :) officially not on my last sem , because of some misunderstanding that i cannot say here , sorry . but i promise i'll try harder next sem . #cross finger :)

3. i am hoping that someday i will find someone new and love me for who i am . seriously :")

4. now i'm on my final exam mode , so i wont be blogging much , since i am so lazy to update my blog anymore , as u can see , i didn't remove my old bestfriend picture on thw wall , not because i still love her , its because i am so lazy to do it . :)

5. for u, my old friend , that once , once i loved , thanx for everything , thank you so much , for everything that u've done , for the assignment making , for the laughing time together , for the karaoke time together ,fo everything we've been doing together .thank you so much :)

6. i think that's all . thank you fro reading :)

p/s : asal bnyak sgt thnx harini ? -.-''

xoxo ; farah wahidah

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