Tuesday, April 13, 2010

saia kene penyakit ni ke ??

insomnia is a symptom[1] which can accompany several sleep, medical and psychiatric disorders, characterized by persistent difficulty falling asleep and/or difficulty staying asleep. Insomnia is typically followed by functional impairment while awake. Both organic and non-organic insomnia without other cause constitute a sleep disorder, primary insomnia.[2] One definition of insomnia is "difficulties initiating and/or maintaining sleep, or nonrestorative sleep, associated with impairments of daytime functioning or marked distress for more than 1 month."[3]

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services in the year 2007, approximately 64 million Americans regularly suffer from insomnia each year.[4] Insomnia is 1.41 times more common in women than in men.

ok ni sikit je .. klau na tawu lebih lanjut .. tekan kat sini ye kawan kawan ...btw,, aku kene pnyakit ni ke weh ??? risau aku .. yelah .. aku ta boleh na tido klau malam .. siang2 .. bukan maen ngntok kau .. heish .. pape je lah ek .. mcm mlas na amek tawu .. ngee...

daa ~ till next time..


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